Three Little Words
dedicated to Tina Marie McQuaig

Another year has passed us by
And still we feel the need to cry.
Life's road is like an unknown journey
God's love banishes all our worries.

Each day has it's share of up and downs
Offering us shares of smiles and frowns
But we humbly live each day in stride
As we patiently wait to be by your side.
Sometimes we feel our hearts are drowning
Then we see a bright flower blooming.
God's love makes our hearts sing
Enhancing the beauty life can bring.

We give thanks to God each and every day
He hears our words each time we pray.
We pray our hearts will not be heavy
God only knows how much we miss you.
We long to hear your voice once more
To see your smile walking through our door
God's love is the rainbow after a storm
Your smile always lights our darkest room.

So Honey, until we meet again one day
Three little words we leave you today
They certainly are not hard to say
Because we say them every day.

Written by © Linda Rice
March 5, 2005

On behalf of your family and friends
who love and miss you honey
Everyone thinks since time has gone by
that life goes on, goodness I know we all try
But my shell may be gone my spirit's still here
and now I can light the way and you'll have no fear

Always in my heart my love still shines so bright
and now I can guide you with my bright night light .

By © Debi Fisher
Tina's Nightlight
"You were my gift for such a little while,
Losing you seems so wrong
You should not have left before us
It's with loved ones you belong."
"There You'll Be" performed by Faith Hill