Thank you DJ and angel Shane
Thank you Beth and Angel Hayes
Thank you Jane and Angel Joey
Thank you Carol and Angel Michael
Thank you Susie and Angel Jason
Thank you Christine and Angel Deborah
Thank you Carolyn and Angel Trissie
Thank you Lynn and Angel Ken
Thank you Judy and Angel Heidi
Our Tina Our ANGEL
Another Birthday without you
All we have now are memories
We never thought that this could be true
This should be happy times for all
Where everyone gives you a kiss
The room will feel so empty
We wish you were here, oh how we wish
We know you will be celebrating in HEAVEN
And you will not be alone
Until that day we will all be reunited
When GOD calls each one of us HOME
Happy Birthday Our ANGEL Tina
We love you now and forever

Written For Linda, ANGEL Tina and Family
By Sue-Anne~~~Lee's Mom        

Thank you Sue-Anne and Angel Lee
Thank you CindyJo and Angel Michelle
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Thank you Elaine and Angel Michelle
Thank you Maria and Angel Christopher
Thank you Judi and Angel Andrew
Thank you Rob and Rose and Angel Laura
Tina was for you a special gift, but then she went away..
to turn into an angel and in heaven she will stay.
She watches over you daily and she knows one thing for sure.
that you will again be united one day, in a beautiful place so pure.
By Laurie, Gabe's grandma

Thank you Laurie and Angel Gabe

Happy birthday honey, hope you like the flowers we left today.
From Grandma, Carmen, Debi Rose and mom and dad.
We miss you so much and love you more!
Thank you Diane and Angel Billy
Thank you Reeny and Angel Becky and Dustin
Thank you my dear sis Sandy
Thank you Karen and Angel Geoff
Thank you Saralyn and Angel Robbie
Thank you Angie and Angel Dustin
Thank you Ann and Angel Jason