Merry Christmas Honey
Merry Christmas Honey
Our dear Tina,
As we gather with family members on Christmas Eve and exchange gifts you are in our hearts.  I feel your presence, honey.  On Christmas Eve with Ottis' family and on Christmas day as we spend the day at our house with Chris, Cerissa, Tyler and Ottis.  We all join with grandpa and your dad's family to eat dinner and then we exchange gifts that afternoon.  The only thing missing is you, my dear Tina.  But I can tell you that you are in everyone's hearts and thoughts.  All the memories of Christmas past overwhelm us.  I think of all the excitement that you would feel for the children, as they enjoy the fun.  How you sit right down on the floor with them and pass out gifts and help them open their gifts, with bows all over your head. Your peanut butter pie that everyone still raves about.  How we miss your beautiful smile and loving heart.

The stockings are all hung and yes I have one for you honey.  All the family will be here in closeness.  It's a magical time, when 4 generations join together to be part
of this blessed occasion.  It is His Birthday. I am thankful the Lord has given me the strength to stay calm, cool and collected during this holiday season.  It's still very difficult here without you.  We all miss you terribly, but you know my faith and know that God will join us all again one day.  This day I look very forward to, as I can once again embrace you and hold you in my arms like we have always done.

The New Year, 2004, is right around the corner and I know that the Lord will continue to hold me in his arms.  He is truly my strength and continues to bless me with the  determination to continue my life helping and supporting others who are missing a loved one and also bringing comfort to those other moms who have lost their angels. There are so many of you watching over us. I love you with all of my heart, honey.    

Your Mom forever

I pray that all of us have a blessed Christmas
and peaceful blessings of a new dawn in 2004. 
I could not have made it without all the prayers and
support of friends who are lifting me to His Holiness.

God bless us all
I Am An Angel Now

I felt this strange pulling
was it time to go
I wasn't done there on Earth
I had to let them know

But God told me that he needed me
and there would be suffcient time
I could let them know from Heaven
that I would be just fine

But at first when I looked down
Mom was sitting there
tears were in her eyes
flowers in her hair

She looked so sad and angry
so I flew down to her side
she put her hand to her cheek
and cried harder, no matter how I tried

Then Daddy sat beside her
and with sweetest breath I blew
they both just looked at one another
that is how I knew

Days are getting better
they still miss me so
but now I walk with them
and this they truly know

So rest assured my parents
I may sit above
but I am always with you
to fill you with great love

Written by Debi Fisher
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From your loving mom
Thank you dear Beth, Hayes' mom
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Dearly loved and greatly missed
Tina Marie McQuaig
As surely as day follows night, Spring follows Winter
life does follow grief.
The memories that bring tears to your eyes
  Will one day bring healing.
Thank you dear Pam for this beautiful ornament